The government are set to introduce new rules regarding the requirement for Energy Performance Certificates on properties on the market to rent and for sale.
The new rules are set to make it mandatory from 1st July for a full EPC to be included in the marketing particulars thus enforcing the need for landlords and sellers to obtain an EPC from the outset.
On and after the 1st July an EPC will have to be in place within seven days after marketing has commenced The memo says that ‘reasonable’ efforts must be made to secure the EPC within seven days, but if the EPC is still not in place, the ‘relevant person has a further 21 days to do so’.

The ‘relevant person’ could be the seller or landlord, as is the case at the moment, but for the first time the definition includes someone acting on their behalf – ie, the letting or sales agent, or possibly their solicitor.
Trading Standards Officers will have the power to request proof from agents that the EPC has been ordered and to view the actual EPC seven days after marketing has begun.
Are you ready for these changes?

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